Doctors told the truth about the disease of “dirty hands”

Медики рассказали всю правду о болезнях "грязных рук"

The season of intestinal infections can be considered open.

The causative agents of intestinal infections enter the human body with contaminated food or through unwashed hands, which accumulate pathogens.

That is why doctors called intestinal infection disease of dirty hands. Moreover, the number of patients increases dramatically in may, when people open the season of picnics and relaxing on the beach.

Where can you catch E. coli?

Most often the causative agents of serious infections deposited on the surface of household items, such as handrails on public transport. Also, their favorite location serve food and in this case we are talking not only about meat or fish, but fresh vegetables, fruits, berries, and meals prepared strangers.

Methods of prevention of the disease of “dirty hands” are:

– regular hand washing with soap and water or antiseptic treatment, especially before eating;

– required wash products before they reach your table;

– refusal to buy products in the spontaneous markets where before the sale they had not been checked for infections;

– restaurants and cafes too, so either you need to stop to eat, or to visit only those places in which you are confident;

– swim only in those waters that have passed the test of SES before the beginning of the beach season, and try not to swallow the water;

– observe the “neighborhood” of food in your fridge.

Symptoms of intestinal infections many people are familiar with: vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, weakness. The appearance of these symptoms should immediately call “ambulance”.

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