Doctors told what disease they provoke excess weight

Медики рассказали, какие болезни провоцируют избыточный вес

Take care of your health.Data from the world health organization indicate that in 2016, overweight had more than 39 % of men and 40% of women over the age of 18. That 1.9 billion people, of whom 650 million are obese. Extra pounds not always be the result of excessive eating of sweets or lack of diligence on the treadmill.

Sometimes the cause lies much deeper, writes the with reference to 24apteka.

1. HypothyroidismGood thyroid, good metabolism. Long and persistent lack of thyroid hormones slows down the metabolism. Hypothyroidism at first easy to confuse with fatigue. Drowsiness, lethargy, decreased performance – a seemingly typical autumnal depression.

However, it should be wary. Against this background, the skin became dry and swollen, and the nails and hair brittle? Appeared anaemia, nausea and constipation? This is probably hypothyroidism: the disturbed metabolism, bowel motility slows down, hence the reluctance to move and weight. If you think you have these symptoms, you should see a doctor, because diet and exercise are not enough.

2. A prolactinomathe Hormone prolactin is needed in the regulation of reproductive function, and new moms for lactation. In moderate quantities it is responsible for sending the child of essential nutrients. When the pituitary gland produces prolactin in excess, appear to be a benign tumor, and women 6-10 times more often than men.

The characteristic features of the pathological secretion of milk (not related to childbirth), irregular menstruation in women. In men manifests itself in decreased libido, disorders of consciousness and vision, and headaches. In both sexes is delayed excess fat, and in this case, the female type, that is, in the chest and shoulders.

The disease is curable. But to delay the visit to the endocrinologist in any case not worth it.

3. Diabetes of the 2nd typeIn contrast to diabetes mellitus of the 1st type, in this disease the pancreas produces enough insulin. That’s just the receptors don’t react to it properly – insulin is simply not absorbed. In the end, an excess of the hormone accumulates and causes obesity.

The danger of this variety of diabetes that it may not manifest itself and be detectable only with blood tests. Normal diabetic symptoms like unusually strong thirst or abundant urination may not appear. But if the background of weight gain feel itching, it is an occasion guard.

4. InsulinomaIf of diabetes of the 2nd type is characterized by hyperglycemia – increase of glucose in the blood, in the case of insulinoma, exactly the opposite. This neoplasm of the pancreas, which abruptly and severely lowers the blood sugar level, so there is hypoglycemia. It provokes an acute sense of hunger – and still retain the desired sugar level?

When this fails, there are tremor, tachycardia, disturbance of speech and behavior, can happen fainting. Hypoglycemic attack – something unpleasant, so the body instinctively sends signals about hunger. So and gain weight. If persistent and uncontrolled snacking – it’s about you, do not delay visit to the doctor.

5. Stress and depressionWhat is cortisol and why is it needed? Hormone produced by the adrenal glands, it regulates carbohydrate metabolism and is involved in the development of the stress response. Including his task – to save energy resources of the organism to stress.

Chronic stress triggers the constant production of cortisol and adrenaline. In this scenario, the first will inevitably be integrated into the metabolism, keeping resources in the form of fat. All this against the background of fatigue, insomnia, apathy? It’s possible you are on the verge of depression. And it’s not just a sad mood, but a serious disease that you can help only specialist.

6. Disease Cushing’sStress and the excess cortisol could lead not only to depression but also more serious and rare disease. Disease Cushing’s suffer 10-15 people from 1 million Fat deposited in quite an unusual type: in the abdomen and behind the neck. The legs and arms remain slender.

Symptoms is difficult with something confused, but often the appearance of body fat is accompanied by diabetic conditions, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and insomnia. The appetite remains excellent.

7. Polycystic ovary syndromethe extra pounds combined with irregular menstruation and migraine – one of the symptoms of PKD. Obesity in this case is of male type, ie the upper part of the figure becomes heavy, the stomach increases in the first place. In addition to these unpleasant symptoms are also observed the appearance of excess body hair, problems with skin, deepening of the voice, often the failure comes in several body systems.

The reason for this endocrine disruption – the lack of sex hormones. The egg in this case is not ripe and remain hanging on the ovaries, like clusters of grapes. Suffering with this unpleasant illness every 5th woman. However, PKD can be treated successfully. Suspected it? Do not delay your visit to the antenatal clinic.

Of course, each of the described symptoms alone does not indicate serious illness. But if you look at their complex, don’t leave it to chance and take appropriate action.

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