Doctors told what the product can protect from stroke

Медики рассказали, какой продукт может защитить от инсульта

Found the “delicious” way to avoid a stroke.Scientists say that the organs of the human vascular system protects regular consumption of small portions of cheese.

“Eating some cheese, we significantly reduce your risk of stroke and heart disease,” said Chinese researchers from Soochow University.

In favor of their conclusion, saying the data validation of a number of studies that have tested health a total of 200 thousand people.

The study in question was conducted by American and European scientists. The Chinese experts conducted a meta-analysis of 15 scientific projects of their foreign colleagues. They found that people who daily ate a piece of cheese, had a 14% lower risk of coronary heart disease and 10% lower risk of stroke compared to those who did not eat cheese.

Scientists believe useful daily serving of cheese is 40 grams.

“Cheese increases the level of “good” cholesterol and protects against clogging arteries, and also helps due to potassium in its composition better absorb saturated fats,” explained the medical benefits of cheese health.

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