Doctors told why bad to eat in cafes and restaurants

Медики рассказали, почему вредно питаться в кафе и ресторанах

Better to eat the food prepared for you.

People who often eat out in the cafes and restaurants, more susceptible to harmful chemicals than those who prepare meals at home. To such conclusion scientists from the George Washington University.

According to AMI Zhota, associate Professor of the Department of public health environmental and occupational health school of public health Milken Institute at the University study suggests that food is not cooked at home, maybe more phthalates.

These chemicals are salts and esters of phthalic acid and contribute to the disruption of hormones and the emergence of various diseases.

Zota and her colleagues was based on data from the National study of health and nutrition conducted in the United States from 2005 to 2014. More than 10 thousand participants were asked to recall where and what they ate in the last day. More than 60% reported not eating at home.

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