Doctors told why dieting is not going to benefit

Медики рассказали, почему диеты не идут на пользу

Diet lead to many violations.

Diet firmly entrenched in our lives: they sit the stars of show-business, sportsmen, politicians and ordinary people. Every year new systems of weight loss, sometimes the most extreme and exotic.

Sometimes diet restrictions really help to lose weight. But not everyone knows that the body and psyche is applied by a terrible blow. Experts told what is dangerous diet and why it is worth to give them up forever.

Dieting is a war with its own cross the body to win. The fact that the body doesn’t matter how it looks in a swimsuit. The main thing for him is survival. What happens when we go on a diet and begin to consume fewer calories? The body perceives this as a threat of starvation and triggers a self-protection mode.

First, it slows down the metabolism to consume calories as economically as possible. And irvintai fat-burning enzymes are produced less and less, and the hormones responsible for appetite, you begin to literally “go crazy”. That is why those who dieting, relapse, during which the person begins to literally overeat is the body is in a hurry to stock up more fat in case of repeated hunger strikes. Scientists call it compensating by overeating.

Second, even if you heroically reached the end and dropped the extra pounds, the weight will be back soon, and even with the addition. Weird? Bit. You’re back to the old diet, and the body has not had time to understand that starvation does not threaten him, so metabolism is still running in slow motion. As a result, you get fat faster and easier than before the diet. Output – to constantly monitor the amount of calories consumed that insanely difficult: should you just a little to relax, and cunning body immediately “gets his”.

Diet undermine zdorovega – it is not synonymous with healthy eating. No wonder: the main goal of any diet is weight loss what the body does not get the vitamins and minerals – not so important. Especially the body suffers from a lack of calcium fat dairy products is impossible, and low-fat calcium is simply not absorbed. Bad for your health, and iron deficiency is due to limited use of meat. In the result of anemia, which causes weakness, paleness, problems with skin, nails and hair.

A diet even proven scientifically. Yes, and people often starve illiterate: without preparation, preliminary survey and identification of contraindications. As a result, people instead of weight loss becomes chronic diseases: gastritis, ulcer, gall stones and kidney damage allergies.

Some diets also offer to combine fasting with exercise, and it is very dangerous to the body and so weakened, but he still needs somewhere to get energy to workout. Can result in irregularities in the internal organs: blood vessels, heart, kidneys, liver.

Most weight loss systems as enemy number one consider carbohydrates. However, carbohydrates are our main source of energy: a lack of it leads to the weakening of the body, lethargy, low immunity and, consequently, different diseases.

We should also mention the protein diet. Some of them recommend getting protein from sausages and sausage products saturated with harmful salts and preservatives. Moreover, intensive use of protein foods bad for kidneys. Of course, neither of which is healthy eating in this case it is impossible to say.

There are diets that suggest there are large time intervals. The body gets used to feast on small portions for a long time and the result requires less food. And here – close to anorexia and other eating disorders.

Diet reduce mental deyatelnosti remember the famous Maslow’s pyramid. What needs are her primary? Right, physiological. When we diet, the body experiences a severe lack of energy. And because the body is working in survival mode, it consumes energy primarily for maintenance of vital physiological processes, and intellectual activity – that will remain. That’s why starving people begin to experience problems with logic, memory and attention. If your work is connected with processing of information, data analysis and other complex thinking processes, to diet you exactly contraindicated.

Diet lead to psychological problemalso diet consider food as conventional fuels – proteins, fats, carbohydrates, amino acids: to cut, to add, about it to forget. It is absolutely not taken into account the emotional component of the diet. But we aren’t machines: food for us is also a source of pleasure, way of communication, expression and much more. Depriving yourself of food, we cut the body in the required endorphins. And long lack of hormones of joy inevitably leads to stress and depression.

In addition, any diet involves strict self-control. We set a goal to lose weight, but it is often overstated or even impossible. We break, eat something that is impossible, and this was inevitably followed by guilt, self-deprecation and low self-esteem. In severe cases this leads to eating disorders: anorexia, bulimia, psychogenic loss of appetite. They especially affects women, as they have higher tendency to a negative perception of their own appearance.

Diets teach us to ignore the needs organismand body always knows what it needs and tells us about it. When it is hungry, we experience hunger. If he needs some vitamins and minerals, we feel the desire to eat a product that contains them. To understand the body is easy: just listen what you want at the moment: juicy steak, fresh salad, fish and maybe an iced bun?

With diets all the way around. They require us to have not what you want, and what “need”. The number and time of meals is also strictly regulated.

As a result the body wants meat, and we shoved him low-fat cottage cheese, because “he don’t get fat”. Feel hunger after six, but deceive the stomach with a glass of water. Needs of the body cannot be ignored forever – he never forgives, and sooner or later, the “revenge” of some disease.

Diet are struggling with symptoms and not with prichinami used to think that being overweight is our enemy and the cause of many failures. But, no! Psychologists believe that those extra pounds can help a man to protect themselves from negative emotions that usually lie in the subconscious: the fear of losing friends, Express their sexuality, to grow up and so on. In this case, all attempts to lose weight are doomed to failure: the struggle with the weight of meaningless, yet it gives us some benefit. What should I do? Refer to a good psychologist to deal with their inner feelings. As soon as the extra weight will cease to save you the trouble, the body will shape up without any dieting.

Diet – a tribute to stereotypicality easy to manage – you only need to convince him that he’s not good enough. Think about it, if not for advertising, we would not know that needs to lose weight. But we live in the information age. From TV screens and advertising banners, we are constantly told that we are imperfect that we need to have a flat stomach, firm ass, the relief muscles. Slenderness is equated to success. And this is done with the sole purpose to sell weight loss products, fitness clubs and dietitians.

As a result, we reject your body, blame it in the imperfect, tortured by starvation, and all this to meet the standards imposed by someone else. This approach destroys the relationship with his own body and creates severe stress.

Try instead to love your body as you are to see him as an ally and a friend, not an enemy. Help him get better without violence, through care and attention: instead of dieting, choose a healthy diet, regular physical activity and restful sleep. Believe me, the body you will be grateful and get in shape without a sacrifice.

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