Doctors told why you can’t sleep in a bra

Медики рассказали, почему нельзя спать в бюстгальтере

American doctors urged women in any case not to go to bed in a bra.

Among girls there is a myth that sleeping in a bra will supposedly help to keep the shape of the breast. However, it turned out that this information is false. Than it is dangerous.

Breast cancer

Today, scientists from several countries found that hour between wearing bra and breast cancer there is a certain relationship. According to the Journal of Oncology Research and Treatment, one of the first studies in this area conducted by Brazilian experts. Experts of the Department of obstetrics and gynecology, school of medicine, was selected for his observations 304 women ranging in age from 24 to 92 years. However, scientists have not given the age of the subjects, and the size and duration of wearing them.

It turned out that too tight underwear and a large number of hours spent in it, contribute to the formation of malignant breast tumors. Moreover, among patients who develop this type of cancer, much more than those who slept without taking off bra – 36,84%. Among healthy women, there were only of 7.23%.

The violation of the lymph circulation

For many years engaged in the study of the relationship between the permanent wearing of a bra and the occurrence of tumors and the British breast Seth Rankin. He found that the sleep of the subject underwear to women’s health causes irreparable damage. According to the doctor, not even a very tight bra prevents lymph circulation in the body, which often contributes to the stagnation of this fluid and as a consequence development of inflammation and the appearance of cancer cells.

A similar conclusion was made by American experts who said the risk to “earn” cancer from those who wear bras, the higher 21 times as compared to those who did not recognize them at all.

And this is again a consequence of disorders in the lymphatic system. As additional evidence, the expert cited statistics from Asia and Africa. Many local women do not know what a bra. That is why, experts say, the incidence of breast cancer there is zero.

Breast form and bra

Even knowing the dangers that entails a long-term wearing a bra, many women are not in a hurry to abandon this habit. Their behavior is often motivated by fear that the breast will lose their shape and visual appeal. However, the French Professor from the University of Besancon, Jean-Denis Ruian disproved this myth.

Ruian worked on a study on the subject since 1977. During this time he thoroughly studied 330 women aged 18 to 35 years. And first of all the Professor drew attention to this feature as sagging Breasts.

French specialist found that those patients who refused from bras, nipples lifted on average 7 mm. Therefore, Ruyan concluded that the bra not only prevents sagging Breasts, but also encourages it. This process is accelerated if a woman not only wears underwear during the day but sleeps in it.

The recommendations of experts

American doctors urged women in any case not to go to bed in a bra and actually wear it as little as possible. In addition, according to the recommendations of these experts, you should not buy too tight, lift the chest, underwear, and bras made of synthetic materials strapless. Otherwise, as scientists assure, the probability of disorders of the lymphatic and circulatory systems, which can result in a change of shape of the breast and the development of cancer.

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