Doctors were able to transplant the face

Медики смогли пересадить лицо

Maurice Desjardins feels good.

To this unique event happened, I had more than five years of careful preparation and more than 100 qualified staff nurses.

In the history of mankind never had to face was replaced by a brand new. However, this is what happened in a canadian clinic in the city of Montreal. It was conducted on a 64-year-old fan of hunting Morrissey-Desjardins that in 2011 with unfortunate circumstances, almost completely distorted their face with a bullet from a hunting rifle. Then from his nose, jaws and lips is almost nothing left.

Since that tragic moment-Desjardins already carried out several operations but they are only partially recovered facial muscles so that the patient walks with a disfigured face in a protective mask. He admits Desjardins, he wanted to commit suicide, because with that face he could not appear in public and was virtually isolated from the people. In the end, he agreed to the proposal of the doctors on transplantation of the face.

Now Maurice Desjardins feels good and lead a normalized life: he is fluent, drinking, and does not feel those painful feelings that he had for seven years.

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