Donald Trump denounced for its “silence” on the threat of supremacist white

Donald Trump dénoncé pour son "silence" sur la menace des suprématistes blancs

An elected american muslim has denounced on Sunday the “silence” of Donald Trump on the danger of supremacist whites in the United States, in full political debate and argument on the basis of religion and intolerance after the murderous attacks on two mosques in New Zealand.

The chief of staff of the White House Mick Mulvaney has firmly denied Sunday any link “cause and effect” between anti-immigrant rhetoric of the american president and the racist motives of the shooter, of Christchurch, which has killed at least 50 muslim worshippers.

“The president is not a supremacist white”, has launched Mr. Mulvaney on Fox News.

“Let’s take what happened in New Zealand for what it is –a terrible evil, a tragic and fatal act– and are looking for why these things have become common in the world. Is it Donald Trump? Absolutely not,” he said.

– The wave of solidarity –

The democrat Rashida Tlaib, one of the two elected muslim to Congress, had previously claimed that the absence of condemnation strong racist force by the president weakened the United States.

Donald Trump “is today the most powerful man in the world” and “it is able to send a strong and clear signal,” she said on CNN.

“We made it to terrorism abroad”, she added. “We have to do to terrorism at home, against (the ideology of) white supremacy, which is gaining ground daily so that we remain silent”.

Mr. Trump has condemned Friday’s “horrific events” of Christchurch, but felt that the ideology of white supremacy in the world was not a threat “common”. “I think it is a small group of people who have big, big problems”, he said.

The author of the attacks, an extremist right-wing australian of 28 years, has claimed responsibility for her act on social networks in a long text, peppered with references to racism and conspiracy theories.

He makes a reference to Donald Trump, called “a symbol of white identity renewed and a common goal”.

The carnage has caused a wave of solidarity of the jewish communities and christian against muslims in the United States, with many ecumenical assemblies.

It has, however, increased an atmosphere already strained by the controversial words on the relationship between jews and the United States held by the other elected american muslim, Ilhan Omar, that many have called an anti-semite.

The debate on religious intolerance has quickly caught up with Mr. Trump after the tragedy in new zealand.

“Repeatedly, this president supports and encourages the supremacist whites –and, instead of condemning the terrorist racist, it covers them up. This is neither normal nor acceptable,” assured Sunday on Twitter the democrat senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a candidate for the presidency in 2020.

– “Complicit Silence” –

The president was, in particular, caused an uproar by stating that there were good people “on both sides,” after clashes between protesters, anti-racism and neo-nazis in Charlottesville, in August 2017, that had been a death.

The former vice president, democrat Joe Biden, which keeps the suspense on a possible candidacy for 2020, on Saturday denounced these about the time.

“Our children were listening. Our silence is complicit. With these words, the president of the United States has created a moral equivalence between those who spread hate and those who have the courage to fight,” he said. “At that moment, I knew that the threat to this nation was different from those I had experienced until then.”

Sunday, Donald Trump has not discussed the white nationalism on Twitter, preferring to send his support to the commentator, conservative, Jeanine Pirro, has disappeared from screens of Fox News after his remarks denounced as islamophobic.

Former federal judge now at the controls of a program broadcast on Saturday night, Ms. Pirro seemed to question the last week the loyalty to the u.s. Constitution Ilhan Omar, because she wears the islamic veil.

“The democrats of the radical left, working in close relationship with their partner loved it, the media Fake News, using all the tricks in the manual to SILENCE the majority in our country”, said the president.