Donatella Versace talked about drug addiction, the late brother Gianni and daughter Allegra

Donatella Versace

Three months after the death of his brother Gianni Donatella Versace launched his first collection, the main line Versace, standing at the helm of the Italian fashion House, headed by to this day. About their famous relatives, business and health issues 62-year-old Donatella said in an interview.

As we know, Gianni Versace bequeathed to his sister a 20% stake in Versace, brother Santo 30% and 50% was left to his niece Allegra, who was 11 years old when the famous designer was murdered.

Will was crazy, but all creative people are crazy. Gianni adored my daughter and always called her “my little Princess”, but his will, he gave her a huge burden. Become the heroine screaming headlines in 11 years… I would not wish that on any child. Giving half of the brand Versace my daughter, he forced me to take responsibility for the company, while Allegra has not reached the age of majority. Without this trick in his will, I could leave the company after his death, ‘ said Donatella.

Donatella Versace

Allegra Versace

About brother Gianni Versace:

Gianni made me his closest friend in 12 years. He sewed for me, cool leather mini skirt, they took with them to discos and treated me as a woman. I loved this craziness and noticed the envious looks from friends when we went to a rock concert later in the evening. It was the happiest time of my life. I felt like an adult, but I was ahead. Thought that my whole life will be.

About cocaine addiction and treatment:
I have made one mistake after another, trying to replace Gianni. When I tried something new, people complained, shaking his head. Only after seven to eight years has become stronger and nauchilsya to withstand the pressure of genius. There was a time when I was left alone with his addiction and I knew that very ill. My self-hatred became stronger… no One thought I take the job Elton (John. – Approx. ed.) but after talking with him I changed my evening dress and diamonds on the duffle. Without makeup and hair went to the airport.

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