Don’t forget the lyrics : thinking that no one hears, Magali Ripoll made a note on dubious physique from his musician

N’oubliez pas les paroles : pensant que personne ne l’entend, Magali Ripoll fait une remarque douteuse sur le physique de son musicien

Tuesday, November 6, Magali Ripoll, the chorus of the show Don’t forget the lyrics, complimented the physique of his musician, Fabien, thinking that the cameras were filming more.

N’oubliez pas les paroles : pensant que personne ne l’entend, Magali Ripoll fait une remarque douteuse sur le physique de son musicienCheck out the TV spot for the August 8, 2011Découvrez the TV spot 1st August 2011Oubliez the counter to spice up your sex life !Forget your blockages and program your success with NLP !TV antenna indoor or outdoor, how to choose ?

Like every evening on France 2, the host nagui (French speacker) offers several candidates to test their musical culture in a giant karaoke. Tuesday, November 6, last, it is the young coach of gymnastics, Kelly, who attempted to win the place of maestro Don’t forget the lyrics. In the Face of its competitor of the week, Aurélie, a young woman is heated the voice on several classics of the French variety, that was referred to by Fabien and Magali Ripoll, backup singers for the show for eleven years.

When the candidate embarks on the song of Amir, States of love, it seems to hesitate on the words. A small moment of uncertainty which left enough time to Magali Ripoll to joke with Fabien, her musician, the singer Amir that she admires so much. Nagui (French speacker) sees the scene, and don’t hesitate for a second to ask what’s happening. The singer very amused, replied : “I was talking to off to Fabien and the compliment. I would like to say that Fabien, unlike Amir, he does may not be photos of his holidays and his abs on social networks, but… there’s the stuff !”

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While nagui (French speacker) laughing at the joke, Fabien seems to be very embarrassed of the scene : “I don’t know what to answer so I’m going to disappear, that is !” Wanting to make it last the joke, the host nagui (French speacker) is reviving the musician and offered him to open his shirt to give pleasure to Magali, but Fabien Haimovici did not hear from that ear, and refuses : “You go relax and we will take over the course of the game.”

Magali Ripoll, known as the “musician scatter-brained to remember the words” often talk about it with interventions daring. In an interview with Tv Leisuretwo years ago, the singer had confided in about this role in the show : “the older I get, the more I realize that it is in my nature to do what I’m doing now in the show (…) But I was often criticized, precisely at the beginning of Don’t forget the lyrics. The conductor of the orchestra of the time had asked me not to do too much… But eventually, over time, Gérard Pullicino and nagui (French speacker) have understood that I wanted to go on this land, and have given me the opportunity to do so, since the atmosphere of the show was consistent with it.”

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