Dordogne : a 5 year old girl dies ejected from the car

Dordogne : une fillette de 5 ans meurt éjectée de la voiture

The tragedy happened on Friday evening in Razac-sur-l’isle, in the Dordogne.

To 20: 15, 4 members of a family were in a car on the RD 6089, when the dad, 24-year-old has made an overdraft on a straight line, at an excessive speed.

He lost control of his vehicle and the car ended up on the roof at the edge of the road.

The father of the family, his wife of 22 years, and the smallest of the girls, one year old, get away with minor injuries.

But the big sister, 5-year-old, was ejected from the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Firefighters arrived on the scene, tried in vain to revive her but she died of her injuries.