Doug Ford: Ontario will spend $25 million to fight gun violence in Toronto (PHOTOS)

Даг Форд: Онтарио потратит $25 млн на борьбу с вооруженным насилием в Торонто (ФОТО)

The Premier of Ontario Doug Ford has allocated $25 million to Finance the fight against armed violence in Toronto. The money will be partially used for the so-called “groups of legal response” (“legal SWAT teams”) that will ensure that detainees who are charged with crimes with firearms, had no possibility of release from prison on bail.

About $7.6 million will be spent on the creation of such legal teams that will work in all the provincial courts of Toronto. According to Ford, to lead the team are experienced attorneys who will focus on the fact that the perpetrators of the violence, was denied bail and remained behind bars.

Another $18 million will go to upgrading the digital, technical and analytical resources at the disposal of the police Department. Ford said that the funding allocated after consultation with the chief of the Toronto police mark Saunders.
Ford urges other governments to follow his example. He added that the money will be distributed in two phases over four years.
Mayor John Tory has repeatedly appealed to governments to boost cash flow to the city, to be able to effectively deal with armed groups.

Position the tories on the issue of bail was as categorical. In a letter dated August 3, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the tories called on Ottawa to withdraw the possibility of bail for repeat offenders, requiring them to be held in custody until the charges against them “will not be destroyed by the judicial system.”

Last month tori had asked Ottawa to allocate more than $32 million for programs related to firearms, and has also allocated $12 million from the city budget for programs focused on youth in the framework of the plan for the reduction of violence in the city. These efforts also include additional police patrols from 19:00 to 03:00, when, according to police, is the overwhelming number of shootings.

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