Doug Ford promises tax cuts for the middle class (PHOTO)

Даг Форд обещает снижение налогов для среднего класса  (ФОТО)

Party Progressive conservative plans to cut taxes for those whose annual income ranges from $42 960 to $85 923, said the party leader Doug Ford on Thursday. Maximum cost effective innovations for the taxpayer could be $786 per year.

This step will cost the province about $2.3 billion, Ford said to reporters at a morning press conference in Toronto. He added that the reduction will not be carried out until the 2020-2021 years.

For example, the average Ontario worker receives taxable income of $53 000. At the current rate of tax deductions will make $3 090. Ford proposes to reduce the tax to 7.32%, while the same worker will pay only $2 905, saving $ 185 a year. An employee receiving $80,000 a year now pays $5560. Billion in provincial tax revenues, and taxation, offered by the Progressive conservatives, would amount to $4880, which is less than the current tax is $680.

Ford called the plan affordable and important, but did not provide any details about how it would be funded and how much will be effective. Previously, Ford promised to reduce government spending by about $ 6 billion without layoffs, although the details of these changes also remains unknown.

According to Vic Fedeli, the Progressive conservative candidate in Nipissing, the party has chosen the orientation on the middle class, as his personal representatives will be the first candidates to receive subsidies for child care in the amount of 75%, which was announced earlier.

“This is a good, systematic way to get the money back into the pockets of the people of Ontario,” said Fedeli.

Kathleen Wynne commented on the plan of Ford, when we stopped with the representatives of his campaign at the children’s hospital of Toronto, saying that the reelection of her party, would mean for the hospital, attracting more than 3500 nurses.

“The reduction in income tax means that the government can do less, she said. – Doug Ford deals with the slogans: he makes promises, but does not explain to voters that the budget cuts will primarily affect the services of health, education and other institutions, which includes government.”

The leader of the New democratic party, Andrea Horvath, also expressed his concern that campaign promises Doug Ford could have very serious consequences that will be difficult to cope.

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