Doug Ford rejected the idea of building green zones Greenbelt (PHOTO)

Даг Форд отказался от идеи застройки зеленой зоны Greenbelt (ФОТО)

The public outcry forced the head of the Progressive conservative party of Ontario Doug Ford to drop on Tuesday, may 1, from his campaign promise to open for housing some part of the protected green areas surrounding the Toronto area. Ford said he will listen to the opinions of those who want to keep this area intact.

The government under the progressive conservatives, will support the preservation of Greenbelt areas in full and even include this promise in the election platform of the party, which will be released soon. About this Ford mentioned in a statement released the following day after he announced that he would open up the region for development to mitigate the housing crisis in the greater Toronto area.

“I looked at it and made sure that we have more affordable housing, − said Ford. – People expressed their opinions. I listen to them. They don’t want me to touch the area Greenbelt, and we won’t hurt Greenbelt”.

The district’s Greenbelt is the world’s largest green area, which is under constant protection. In 2005 a law was passed prohibiting to build in its territory.

A radical change Ford of course was less than a week before the official start of the provincial election campaign, and after just a few hours after acting Prime Minister of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne called his idea for the building Greenbelt “wrong”.

Wynne acknowledged that some areas along the border zone of the Greenbelt has changed since then, as it appeared more than a decade ago, but it was part of the initial development plan for the region.

The Prime Minister of Ontario emphasized that the open Greenbelt for construction is not necessary.

“The fact that in the greater Toronto and Hamilton area has enough land to build two more city the size of MISSISSAUGA,” said Wynn.

The leader of the New democratic party, Andrea Horvath also called the initial decision of the Ford “bad policy.”

“There is no reason even to ponder, to begin to pave roads in the Greenbelt area, unless you are trying to make a good money to their friends in the construction sphere,” she said.

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