Doug Ford will cancel some business grants (PHOTOS)

Даг Форд отменит некоторые бизнес-гранты (ФОТО)

The progressive conservatives under the leadership of Doug Ford going in if he wins the provincial election next month to cancel the selected program of support of business.

Speaking on Monday, may 14, in Niagara falls, Ontario, Doug Ford spoke about his intention to engage in Ontario the new company − including by reducing taxes on profits from 11.5% to 10.5%.

The liberals said that Ford later posed for reporters at the company October in Smithville, Ontario, has received Federal funding for expansion. Liberals considered it hypocritical because Ford opposed the so-called “corporate welfare”.

When asked whether he supports such programs, Ford said he will resort to the following means to promote business in Ontario – the fight against excessive bureaucracy, the reduction of tariffs for the electric power and attempts to eliminate the tax on emissions set by the Federal government.

Ford said – “instead of having to select winners and losers”, he is going to lower business taxes for everyone.

Then spokeswoman Melissa lantsman said that Ford will maintain regional funds for economic development, because some areas need help in attracting investment, but it will refuse to Fund Jobs and Prosperity Fund, which “is used for the distribution of money to the elected insiders, including liberal funding.”

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