Drivers warned of major fall hazards on the road

Водителей предупредили о главных осенних опасностях на дороге

During the transition period you should frequently check the tire pressure.With the advent of autumn, many motorists, especially beginners, can be some difficulties. Their list did not name short: see for yourself, writes the with reference to Autonews

Flowers jiznenno to expect that all kids will go “strunecka”, not throwing you under the wheels of the most unexpected places. Panacea, of course not – just double your attention. Try to pave their morning routes away from schools. There will be tube the first few weeks after the start of the school year.

By the beginning of autumn ends with a mass delivery of the children back to the city: the holidays are over, it’s time to study.

Blind time hookresume landscape quickly blackens, the boundaries of the carriageway merges with the unknown, oncoming traffic blinding you with their headlights. Moreover, sometimes it turns out that our own lights Shine and not go – in the summer it just didn’t pay attention. In short, its own lighting (not just lights!) you need to check while on the road to stop any “chill”.

Autumn on the streets it gets dark earlier: the length of the day decreases the maximum speed.

Skillscomputer, there is another possibility to enjoy all the delights of the slide is the fallen leaves on the roadway. In short, maintain your speed – will not be worse!

It is not yet winter, but the first frost of autumn is guaranteed.

Slip on the fallen leaves you no worse than on the ice.

Gryaznukha windshield that morning was quite transparent, eyes covered with some kind of abomination and displeasure wipers begin to smear the dirt, the danger of accidents increases. Do not be lazy once again to wipe the glass. Especially there, where you do not get the wipers, along the front pillars. It will improve visibility. And don’t skimp on myvice – incidentally, with summer liquids you can slowly go to alcohol.

Do not be lazy once again to wipe the glass.

Leaves zheltyakova foliage loves to hammer everything – including vazduhoplov heater. The advice is simple: remove all this stuff in time. Otherwise for you it will make service men, though not free. Beautiful, of course, but the intakes needs to perform its function.

Slap on luanne hesitate to reduce speed, seeing ahead a water barrier. The list of big troubles here: against aquaplaning the tyre to the water hammer in the engine, so if you are not lucky. In addition, the car may be deployed if, for example, the left wheel rolled on the pavement, and right-wing forces the puddle.

Autumn – the Kingdom of puddles. Just not necessary to rinse them from your neighbor.

Abrasively on the machines deposited so much mud that under her rough impact body involuntarily loses its original gloss. The recipe is simple: “we need to wash more often”. In addition, the suppression of the abrasive part of what makes the application of the body protective polishes.

Rechargeable natarajasana noticeable increase of power needs in turn for their kilowatt-hours arranged lighting, heater fan, heating of glasses and mirrors, windshield wipers. For short trips this may cause incomplete charging of the battery – if you do not attend his inspection, and recharging, when the first more serious cold he refuses.

With the voltmeter we climb today, if the battery has already died or is on the brink. And for good reason.

Bagazhnik the onset of autumn calendar, it is useful to conduct an audit in the Luggage compartment of the vehicle. All sorts of swimsuits and flip-flops it is time to replace an old jacket or a padded jacket. Suddenly autumn night on the road with the car something goes wrong, and you habitually sit in a thin windbreaker. And freeze you can.

Falls galleriesgalleries tire with the onset of fall temperatures is reduced by approximately 0.1 bar for every 10 degrees of temperature. So if the last time you checked the pressure in the summer and it was absolutely normal (for example 2.3 bar), the autumn night when approaching zero temperature the tire will be only 2.0 bar.

During the transition period you should frequently check the tire pressure.

Tinytim who do not have winter tires, it’s time to think about the purchase. And those who have are obliged to remember that at relatively new rules of the residual height of the tread should be at least 4 mm. Who lost most of the spikes in the last season, can check for yourself the effectiveness of the procedure Osipovka. In any case, to delay decision of a question.

Protection corrosione secret that the maximum corrosion on the car is the winter, so nice to deal with the renewal of the anticorrosive on the bottom. And especially advanced motorists will remember that and concealed apply a special, more liquid and fluid products. Of course, fresh car owners are unlikely to do it, but the owners of “old women” it is better not shy away from such studies.

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