Due to a software failure tens of millions of Brits have lost a mobile Internet

Из-за программного сбоя десятки миллионов британцев лишились мобильного интернета

Thursday, 6 December, millions of Britons were left without mobile Internet. Problems arose not only simple users but also large companies. In particular, the failure affects the company Transport for London, transport management system of the British capital. Some public transport has ceased to operate the electronic scoreboard.

The problem began at 05:30 local time. At first no one could recognize the scale of the failure. The picture emerges gradually.

It turned out that the failure affects all subscribers of the operator O2, the most popular in the country. O2, owned by Spanish telecommunications giant Telefonica. It serves not less than 25 million subscribers. In addition, O2 offers the power of virtual mobile operators — Sky, Tesco, Giffgaff and Lycamobile, which are another 7 million people. Thus, mobile communication has lost approximately 32 million subscribers!

The reason is installed. The problem was in the software of the Swedish company Ericsson, which serves network infrastructure O2. Head of representative office of Ericsson in Britain Marielle Lindgren said: “Faulty software that caused the problem, decommissioned. Our priority is the recovery of the transfer data in the network in the morning of 7 December.”

The CEO of O2 mark Evans confirmed this information: “We will continue to work together with Ericsson all night, and they assured us that service to customers will be restored by morning”.

However many Britons do not believe that will have access to the mobile Internet in the promised time. People don’t understand what kind of failure this could lead to the disconnection of service for such a long period.

Sociologists say that the problem is extremely serious. Most Britons prefer to communicate with each other using messaging apps instead of SMS or calls. For work messenger needs Internet. When 32 million people in the country can not use the familiar method of communication with each other, it can cause a mass surge of discontent. In addition, such failure creates a serious problem for business. People are deprived of the opportunity to carry out various financial transactions using various mobile applications.

Recall that in recent months there were massive failures in the globally popular social networks Instagram and Facebook, as well as in Telegram messenger.

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