Due to the increase in tariffs of 171 district of new York were more likely to take out the trash

Благодаря повышению тарифов из 171 района Нью-Йорка стали чаще вывозить мусор

Due to the increase in tariffs of 171 district of new York were more likely to take out the trash

Author: Paul Cote

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The authorities of the Big Apple reported that, starting July 1, in many parts of the city introduced additional routes for garbage collection. Innovation is affected more than 170 districtswhere the vehicles will now be more likely to collect the waste from the tanks. All this is financed both at the expense of growth of tariffs, and through the program, Cleanup NYC Initiative, designed to increase the efficiency of cleaning throughout new York.

Clean streets are necessary for the health of our residents. However, in past years, the level of services provided to areas inhabited by people with low income was significantly lower than in affluent areas, “said Antonio by the Reynoso, city Council member.

In General, due to the increase of tariffs for garbage removal was able to allocate an additional $3.5 million While significantly more money was received from the program NYC CI — $11.2 million, the city Authorities hope that this will help to change the situation with waste management in a better way. The emphasis is primarily on coastal areas, but do not forget about the rest of the city.

As reported a press-the Secretary of City Council of new York (New York City Council), in 2019 fiscal year the tariff for garbage removal has increased in 14 public boards. In spite of the criticism and discontent of the inhabitants of certain areas of the guide of the Big Apple believes that it was an inevitable step.

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