DVR SUV recorded the teleportation of a person (video)

Видеорегистратор внедорожника зафиксировал телепортацию человека (видео)

Camera video recorder managed to capture the real teleportation of a human from another dimension. Many people have tried to explain strange phenomena, but with each version of the questions only became more. So, all of a sudden on a certain way a man appeared. The incident occurred in Jilin province (China) on 9 February.

About it write “news of the planet”.

The video clearly showed a white SUV that rides on a “clean” way: none of the pedestrian plans to cross the street. Suddenly a car turns to the right due to a suddenly appearing man in a black robe. Unknown quickly gets up and runs away.

The video appeared on the YouTube channel “The Hidden Underbelly 2.0”. If it is declared genuine, all we will be able to speak with confidence about the existence of interdimensional portals.

Some individuals believe that the man just jumped out of the back seat. But then the driver wouldn’t to slam on the brakes and twist the steering wheel. The obstacle in the form of 100% human appeared in front of the car. According to some users, the incident clearly occurred involving the supernatural.