Dynamo defeated in Lviv Karpaty: video goals

«Динамо» разгромило во Львове «Карпаты»: видео голов

The Championship Of Ukraine. 18-first round

Karpaty (Lviv) — Dynamo (Kyiv) — 0:4 (Tsygankov, 28, 49, 90+1, Shaparenko, 89). Youth teams — 1:4.

Dynamo: Boyko, Mikolenko, Burda, Kadar, KENDZERA, Sidorchuk, Verbic, Shepelev (Andrievsky, 90+2), Tsygankov, Shaparenko, Besedin (Duelund, 90).

“Zarya” (Lugansk) — “Arsenal Kiev” — 3:0 (Karavaev, 36, from a penalty, Gromov, 51, rock, 80). Youth teams — 3:4.

“Chernomorets” (Odessa) — “The Vorskla” (Poltava) — 0:1 (Chizhov, 4). Youth teams — 1:0.

Mariupol — Shakhtar (Donetsk) — 0:3 (Stepanenko, 62, Moraes, 64, Marlos, 70). Youth teams — 1:2.

Shakhtar: Pyatov, Butko, Kryvtsov, Matvienko, Ismaily, Stepanenko, Kovalenko (Totovitskyy, 73), Patrick, Bolbat, Dentinho (Marlos, 18), Moraes (Kayode, 80).

Saturday, December 8, in the Ukrainian Premier League scheduled three games. The greatest interest was (sorry, not fans of Lviv — a total of 2, 756 people in the stands) match at the stadium “Ukraine”, where “Karpaty” played with Kiev “Dynamo”. Intrigue the teams Boichyshyn Oleg and Alexander Khatskevich was added by the fact that in the last two meetings with the Grand “green-white” produced four points — 1:1 last season in Lviv and 2:0 in the current “Olympic”.

This time, the Dynamo took the lead in the middle of the first half when, after a “shot” Victor Tsygankov’s free-kick and rebound from the back Arbesa the ball flew into the top corner of Lviv — 0:1. Barely started the second half of the 20th issue of “white-blue” has doubled the advantage for the guests — 0:2. In the stoppage time Tsygankov scored second career hat-trick, bringing the score his goals this season to nine. And if we consider a precise shot on the 89th minute Nikolay Shaparenko, “Dinamo” fully even with Karpaty for the home fail — 4:0. Kiev for the first time since July of 2016 beat Lviv “Karpaty”, reducing the gap from Shakhtar to seven points. Jubilee, 600, the success of “Dynamo” in the championship of Ukraine!

Moreover, this success became guests of the largest in the history of confrontation between the two teams in Lviv. Before the bitter defeat at home to Karpaty suffered from “Dynamo” in 2009, — 1:4 (then, too, there was a hat trick — performed by the Brazilian Guilherme). And wards Khatskevich lacked only one goal, to repeat common record victory in the games against FC Karpaty Lviv in July last year, they defeated the rival in Kiev — 5:0 (by the way, then scored a hat-trick Victor Tsygankov).

The twelfth of December, the Dynamo at home on “Olympic” will meet Europa League with Czech “Jablonec”. From the tournament point of view, the match means nothing for both teams (home earlier won the group, and the guests have lost all chances to qualify for the playoffs). At stake — prestige and 540 thousand euros that UEFA pays win every match in the Europa League (190 thousand for the draw).

0:1 Tsygankov (28 min.)

0:2 Tsygankov (49th min.)

0:3 Shaparenko (89 min.)

0:4 Tsygankov (90+1 mins)

In another match in Zaporozhye met “dawn” and “Arsenal-Kiev”, lost in the first round of Lugansk in its field with the indecent account 0:5. Could not resist the capital’s footballers before a more experienced opponent at this time. An accurate hit with a penalty of Alexander Karavaeva before the break, a good action Artem Gromov on the rebound and scoring a solo passage 33-year-old Nikita Kamenyuki in the second half brought “the Dawn” a landslide victory and allowed wards Yuri Vernidub to go into the winter break in fourth position.

In the last match of the day’s play Poltava “Vorskla” finally broke their nightmarish run of five defeats in a row (Europa League — from the “Karabakh” and “Arsenal” in the championship of Ukraine “Shakhtar”, “Mariupol” and “Alexandria”). In Odessa wards Vasyl Sachko took over the local “Chernomorets” — traditionally a comfortable opponent (unbeaten “white-green” in duels with “sailors” in the championship and the Cup of the country now is 12 matches!).

Unfortunately, meeting at the stadium “Chernomorets” was stopped by the referee in the 63rd and 66th minutes for the next fire show arranged with fans of the Odessa club. In fairness, I note that the ultras “Chernomorets” scored the best, hung out in the stands two banner. On one is written the names of the captured Ukrainian vessels in the Kerch Strait: “Berdyansk”, “Nikopol”, “Yana Kapu” and the other “the Kremlin, repent.”

Let me remind you that on December 12 “Vorskla”, has lost chances of an exit from group of League of Europe will meet in Lisbon, the match against sporting FC.

In the last before the winter break, the 18th round of the Premier League on 9 December will play: “Olimpik” — “Desna” and “Alexandria” — “the lions”.


1. “Shakhtar” — 45 points (18 matches);

2. Dynamo — 38 (18);

3. Oleksandriya — 36 (17);

4. Zarya — 28 (18);

5. Vorskla — 27 (18);

6. “Mariupol” — 24 (18);

7. “Desna” — 23 (17);

8. “Lions” — 20 (17);

9. “Olympic” — 18 (17);

10. Karpaty — 17 (18);

11. “Chernomorets” — 12 (18);

12. “Arsenal-Kiev” — 8 (18).

In the first after the winter break (19th) round of the championship of Ukraine will play (basic day — 23 February): “Mariupol” — “Olimpik”, “Shakhtar” — “Alexandria”, “Lviv” — “Chernomorets”, “Vorskla” — “Karpaty”, “Dynamo” — “Zorya and Arsenal Kiev” — “Desna”.


FC “Karpaty”

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