Elected officials relieved after Bissonnette’s guilty plea

All political parties in the National Assembly shared their relief after the guilty plea of ​​the shooter of the Great Mosque of Quebec, Alexandre Bissonnette.

In the government, it was Minister Sébastien Proulx who spoke to the media to express his feeling of relief.

“You know, remembering these events through court proceedings is never easy. I think we can turn the page and think about the future, “said Mr. Proulx before the weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers.

After pleading not guilty earlier this week, the perpetrator of the killing changed his position and finally changed his mind, recognizing his guilt during Monday’s day.

“I’m not sure it settles everything. This is no doubt an important development, but I think there will be other actions to be taken, “commented the Leader of the Government, Jean-Marc Fournier, on the guilty plea of ​​the accused .

Asked what the government could do for the Muslim community in Quebec, Mr. Proulx reiterated that it will continue to exercise his duty of remembrance. “If we work on living together, if we work on less tension between people, I think we will have come a long way.”

Turn the page

The opposition parties also expressed their relief and pointed out that the time to turn the page had come.

Parti Québécois vice-president Véronique Hivon said the turnaround was “a source of potential peace for the families of the victims, the entire community that is affected, and all Quebeckers who were upset by this tragedy. It avoids a long trial where all people should have relived this trauma, “she said.

Ms. Hivon expressed disappointment at not being able to know the evidence, which might have helped to understand the reasons for the shooter, but “in the balance of advantages and disadvantages, for the recognition of his guilt and responsibility, it’s a step forward. ”

“We never want to be forced to re-explain this drama, which is painful, and then to bring that to the families of the victims. So, I think, in a way, that this is good news, “for its part pointed out the chief Caquist François Legault.

In the same vein, the co-spokesperson for Quebec Solidarity Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois ended by saying that family mourning may be facilitated by this admission of guilt.

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