Electromobile Nissan Leaf turned into a Roadster

Элекромобиль Nissan Leaf превратили в родстер

An interesting concept implemented in a single instance.

Popular electric car lost the roof in honor of the holiday, and while there is no reason to believe that this car will enter in the series. This convertible, as of yesterday the truck based on Honda sports Civic Type R, made in a single copy, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to Avtovod.

It’s called the Nissan Leaf Car Open. But unlike the hot truck, not just the exercise developers. This festive Nissan Leaf. His appearance, the company decided to celebrate the sale of 100 000 Leaf electric cars in Japan. This is not the first case of the demolition of the roof of the Nissan. Five years ago, the Japanese showed a controversial concept Murano CrossCabriolet.

So experience working with cutting tool manufacturers have not disappeared. And yet no one talks about the details of production and design features of the new convertible. But it would be nice to know about the plans to build the Nissan Leaf with a body Targa, for example.

But the chances of seeing such a machine in mass production, almost there. So, the electric Nissan Leaf will continue to be offered in all three body styles. It’s all familiar hatchback, the sedan based on it and a crossover.

Its like I say, wait more other Nissan models. But it is not clear when the Japanese will turn the concept IMx Kuro in the production model.

Элекромобиль Nissan Leaf превратили в родстер

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