Elena Temnikova has denied rumors of drug addiction

Elena Temnikova

About a month ago, the network suddenly began to discuss the state of health of the popular singer Elena Temnikova: fans noticed that the star problems with the skin on the face and came to the conclusion that all of this — from drugs. In Telegram-channels “insiders” began to tell that the artist uses a banned substance, and put her diagnoses. Not spared this wave of rumors and our website in the section “Blogs”, where each registered user can create the author’s post was published material about Temnikova and its “dependencies”. Now this post is deleted since it, although it is a copy-paste of another edition, denigrates the honor and reputation of a person without valid evidence

Temnikova rumors reacted painfully and to put an end to the speculation, appealed to the public. Accusations of drug addiction, the singer denied:

Any lab on the planet can take my hair (or whatever you need) and to say that I have never in my life used. Oh someone who, but me, mom and person for HLS, to draw to this title is ridiculous. I even alcohol the enemy. I have never in my life used (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved. — Approx. ed.)

— Temnikov wrote in his Instagram blog.

The singer admitted that all the problems with the skin — diseases:

About a month ago in the various telegrams the channels and the public discussed the topic abruptly appeared I have skin problems on the face. I consciously ignored it and not commented, because I didn’t want to be pitied. But today, after the call of a crying mother blew me up.I have autoimmune. And as possible side effect, problems with the skin on the face. And it’s the easiest effects. It can be survived and overcome. In the spring I fight all the forces. My family, friends and relatives with me. Me professors and doctors (in Moscow and in Switzerland). But strongly do not worry about me, everything will be fine. I promise.

The details of the disease Temnikova was not to go, but assured fans that the treatment is successful:

I determined that the new 2019 I appointment healthy enough.

In the comments fans artist write words of support and accusing those who spread false rumors.

Edition SPLETNIK.RU also wishes Helen a speedy recovery.

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