Elizabeth II was greeted by trump and first lady at Windsor castle

Елизавета II поприветствовала Трампа и первую леди в Виндзорском замке

Elizabeth II was greeted by trump and first lady at Windsor castle

Author: Katerina Moskalets

Velikobritaniya Donald trump USA

Today, July 13, the President of the United States Donald trump and his wife Melania met with 92-year-old Queen of great Britain Elizabeth II.

After a short wait Elizabeth II received the presidential couple at his residence, Windsor castle. During the official part of the event, the Queen and her high-ranking guests visited the British troops. Then Elizabeth II invited the spouses to a private tea party without sight cameras.

Despite the fact that the President is known for his too friendly hands, at a reception at the Queen, he followed all the strict rules and loosely shook the hand of Queen Elizabeth II.

In an interview with British tabloid The Sunpublished on Thursday, trump called the Queen “a wonderful woman”. He added that he was impressed with how Elizabeth II “is their country” and how “she never made mistakes.”

Trump became the 12th President, who took the Queen for his 66-year reign.

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The President arrived at Windsor after a morning visit to the Royal military Academy of Sandhurst in great Britain and negotiations with the Prime Minister, with Theresa may in her country residence.

In the same interview with the tabloid trump said he supported the policy of the former head of the British foreign Ministry Boris Johnson, not the Prime Minister Theresa may. Later, the President rejected the statement, calling the content The Sun is a fake news. And during today’s meeting with may, the President apologized, “because he said such nice things“, and in an interview it was said only about the criticism.

Trump arrived in the UK with a 3-day working visit. After that, he intends to go to Helsinki, where on 16 July he is scheduled to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A lot of Brits came out to protest against the arrival of trump. The main symbol of the demonstrations was a balloon, on which was depicted an angry little tramp in a diaper and with a mobile phone in his hands.

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