Elon musk caught in a lie and use of unsafe components for Tesla

Илона Маска уличили во лжи и использовании небезопасных деталей для Tesla

Many things in the automotive industry was inaccurate and unsafe.A former employee of Tesla Martin Tripp accused Elon musk of lying.

Personally fired the head of the company, the employee has formally filed a complaint with the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), in which he spoke about the multiple transgressions of the automaker.

In particular, Martin claims that Musk lied to investors and used in the production of unsafe battery and re-used refurbished parts.

According to Tripp, the manufacturer is regularly overstated in the reports of the number of produced Model 3 — the total amount of the issue is in fact less than the stated 44%.

Thus Tesla misled investors and buyers. Martin was fired in connection with the suspected disclosure of confidential data the third party and was charged with Musk in the spread of harmful Tesla information. Against former engineer, a lawsuit was filed.

In the opinion of the assistant attorney General of the state of new York Stuart Meissner, the way the manufacturer has tried to put pressure on ex-employee to keep him quiet. In mid-June, Tesla got rid of 9% of employees to reduce costs and improve the profitability of their activities.

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