Elon Musk says that Mars colonization is necessary for a thousand of his rockets and 20 years

Илон Маск говорит, что для колонизации Марса надо тысячу его ракет и 20 лет

CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk (Elon Musk) told in detail about the timing and requirements necessary to create a sustainable base on the red planet, which could be a real city and to support the local population.

This is a long-term vision Mask and his company, which aims to make humans an interplanetary species. The timeline, which Musk announced on Twitter, can be incredibly impressive or ambitious,but doable if you implement all conditions.

To create an independent settlement on Mars, Musk believes that there will need to deliver the goods, which will overcome a thousand of his rockets Starship. Also, this will require at least 20 years of life on the red planet.

Musk notes that if you take into account all the cargo spacecraft, which is currently operated, the total capacity is only 500 tons per year, and a series of rocket Falcon, the SpaceX is about half that. This is not enough, and this means that for the Mars Starship flights will become regular.