Elon Musk will be to produce alcoholic beverages

Илон Маск будет выпускать алкогольные напитки

The former head of the Tesla changed their occupation.

Elon Musk, the head of the company “Tesla”, tweeted a humorous publication. “Elon was found unconscious near the car Tesla Model 3, surrounded by bottles “telekill” and with traces of dried tears on his cheeks,” wrote Musk then, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to PolitekA.

It seems that invented the drink gave him no peace.

As it became known, the company “Tesla” filed in the patent and trademark office application for registration of the brand “Teslaquila”. Under this trademark, it is planned to produce products of the category “agave distillate” “distillate of the blue agave” known as tequila.

Elon Musk confirmed the news in his microblog on Twitter. The billionaire had even posted a picture of the label of a new drink.

The company noted that while the trademark has not been used, but expressed “bona fide intention” to produce products under this brand.

On the web page of the USPTO stated that in April, the brand “Teslaquila” already registered in Jamaica.

“A non-alcoholic version for the non-drinkers?”, “It would be Telakoe”, “legendary”, “420% alcohol”, “Finally I will be able to join your exploration with my chronic alcoholism” – comment on news followers.

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