Emilie Bibeau: Books as a refuge

Books have always occupied a special place in Emilie Bibeau’s daily life.
“I find a great refuge in words. My father taught literature at Cégep de Limoilou. At home, we had a large, well-stocked library. Literature, and culture in general, it was part of our family life. I was immersed in childhood and I studied literature in college before entering the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, “says the actress, who had been fond of writing for herself for a while. even.

“There is a side of me that wanted to take the pen, but I felt that I had to live a little before. ”

She finally started writing her Chronicles of a vintage heart for the radio of the radio show More on is crazy, more reads . Warmly welcomed, his texts then served as a canvas for the play of the same name that was presented last year at La Licorne and which is on the program of Matches, Friday night. In a staging by Sophie Cadieux, Émilie Bibeau herself has the text on plates. A theater woman, she has often adopted the words of others. This project was something else. A nice dive, yes. But a big challenge, too, that came with his share of stress.

“It took a lot of courage because even if there are things invented, I reveal a lot. Putting yourself at the service of someone else’s text does not engage us in the same way as when you signed the piece yourself. And even though I had already read some radio shows, it was not the same context. In the studio, we are in a small cocoon. We do not have the live reaction of the audience. ”

Concerns faded over the performances. The reception of the spectators was happy; the room was warmly applauded and greeted.

Words that print

“I am happy to resume this very intimate show in a context as enchanting as the Matches. The room is like a precious little object for me. It’s really inspired by my experience, but through this very personal and authentic text, I’m talking about the human experience we all go through. I quote the phrases of the authors who marked me, words uttered by my friends as well as passages of books I read or songs I heard. Through all this, there is a lot of self-mockery. I could summarize by saying that it is the tribulations of a young woman who reflects on what she lives, who observes her career and those around her with a lot of self-deprecation. In rethinking well, it is a show that also deals with loneliness, finally. I think we do not talk enough. Because the human being is gregarious, but very alone, at the same time. I like to explore those moments when we are alone with ourselves. That said, I do it without heaviness, with humor. ”

The image of the “vintage heart” is evocative.

“That’s what came to me when I was looking for a title. It evokes the idea of ​​someone who feels out of step with his time, but it is neither a glorification of the past nor a condemnation of the present. It refers to the romantic vision of a heart that craves commitment, loyalty. It was a way of talking about a certain nostalgia. ”

Several sentences nourished his creative process, but one of them was a beacon, a common thread.

“Albert Jacquard said, ” I am the bonds that I weave to others ”. When I heard that, I was marked. I believe deeply in that. The others are our entourage, our family, our friends, our colleagues, all these links that we create and maintain. ”

The piece will be published in print next year. And the desire to write again is there, well anchored.

“I admit that I do not know what form it will take. A scenario? Small texts? It’s not clear, but the desire is there. Because writing is not my first job, I feel that for me, it must come in an organic way, “says the one who will play in the room The three sisters , Chekhov, TNM, in 2020.

It will also be seen in Vinland , Benoit Pilon’s next film. “It’s happening in the 50s, in Charlevoix. A local college teacher, played by Sébastien Ricard, begins archaeological digs with his students to find remains of the Viking Age. It’s a very, very beautiful story. In recent years, we have heard a lot about religious abuse. There, it is not that. Benoit Pilon highlighted something else, the work of the priests who acted with kindness. ”

You want to go?

Chronicles of a vintage heart

Eastman Cabaret

Friday, August 9, 8 pm

Admission: $ 33

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