Emily Ratajkowski showed her engagement ring

Эмили Ратаковски показала свое обручальное кольцо

From the time of the wedding of Emily Ratajkowski, took 4 months.

American model Emily Ratajkowski close for the first time showed his wedding ring, which she gave Sebastian bir Mallard engagement.

At the end of February 2018-Emily Ratajkowski stunned fans with the unexpected news of the marriage with the actor and producer Sebastian Bor-Maledom. Before marriage the couple had been Dating for a few weeks, a little shocked followers of the star. In addition, the supermodel gave up the traditional white dress, wearing a modest ceremony stylish suit from Zara.

The model is now decided to show the ring that Sebastian bir Mallard gave her for the engagement. A piece of jewelry with two large diamonds Emily wears a gold wedding ring.

It is worth noting that she told Emily Ratajkowski: the majority of supporters betting on the fact that her marriage will survive only a few weeks. However, the couple is still together and their relationship is getting stronger. Yes, the stars have already purchased the joint housing and is actively traveling, showing the family idyll.

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