Environmentalists said that the possibility of complete extinction of wildlife

Экологи заявили, что возможно полное исчезновение дикой природы

Human activity affects 77% of the land.

Scientists from the University of Queensland stated that the number of places on Earth where wildlife is preserved, is rapidly declining. As reported Phys.org scientists have conducted two studies that show a global picture of extinction of wildlife, and their results are shocking.

The researchers found that even 100 years ago, mankind used for agricultural purposes and livestock production, only 15% of the land. At the same time human activity affects 77% of the land, excluding Antarctica, and 87 percent of the ocean. Scientists emphasize that from 1993 to 2009 human activities (settlements, farms and mining) took a 3.3 million square kilometers of territories.

In the ocean the same areas that are not affected by shipping, pollution and fishing, are restricted to polar regions. The preservation of the remaining undeveloped areas only if their value is recognized by the countries in which they are located. Today, many protected areas in the world not officially defined, unmapped and not protected at the legislative level.

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