Environmentalists: the Black sea is one of the most contaminated parts of our planet

Экологи: Черное море – одна из самых загрязненных частей нашей планеты

On the territory of Ukraine for the first time since independence held an ecological study of the Black sea.

They found in the sea about one hundred and fifty pollutants, in particular water-repellents on clothing, tsitramon, pesticides, plastics and microplastics, represents the biggest threat to humanity. Reports Newsyou.

“It turns out that the Black sea is one of the most contaminated parts of our planet. We found a dead Dolphin on the Ukrainian coast and analyzed it. It was scary. There is chemical pollution – mercury,” – said the head of the project EU-UNDP “Improving environmental monitoring EMBLAS” Jaroslav Slobodnik.

The black sea is investigated for two years, scientists from different countries. The project EMBLAS environmental monitoring, which is financed by the European Union, the inquiry has received almost 3 million euros.

International experts will work on options for a clean Black sea. The first thing I suggest the Ukrainians to abandon detergents with phosphates and to ban the sale of plastic bags.

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