Erika, 17 years old, to a massacre of 35 strokes of the knife : her murderer sentenced to 30 years

Erika, 17 ans, massacrée de 35 coups de couteau : son meurtrier condamné à 30 ans

Kader Djidel appeared this week before the assize court of the Eastern Pyrenees for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Erika, at 17 years of age, 25 August, 2015 in Perpignan.

The young man, aged to the age of 18 years, caught his ex-girlfriend in an ambush. He asked one of his friends to give a go to the park Maillol Erika without telling him he would be there.

When Erika arrived on the scene, Kader came out of his hiding place, threw himself on it, and a massacre of 35 strokes of the knife, of which 8 head and 17 neck. A real butchery.

His two accomplices, minors at the time of the facts, have panicked and fled at the sight of blood. They have also been sentenced to 2 years in prison, adjusted for “non-assistance to person in danger” in June 2018.

A few days before the tragedy, He had grabbed Erika by the hair and him had tapped the head against a stone table.

During the trial, the advocate-general has referred to the psychiatric disorders of Kader Djidel, namely his raging narcissist and his extreme dangerousness of psychiatric.

The young man, age now 21 years old, was sentenced Friday to 30 years imprisonment.