Estonia is called the sum of a damage from occupation of the USSR

Эстония назвала сумму ущерба от оккупации СССР

Same calculations conducted in neighboring Latvia.The damage from the Soviet occupation of Estonia that began in 1940 and ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union, estimated, and amounts to about 92 billion rubles, that is, at the current exchange rate is approximately €1.2 billion this was announced by the Commission at the Ministry of justice of the country, reports the with reference to League.News.

From 1948 to 1985, Estonia has lost 1 million acres of farmland. Groundwater pollution from 1950 to 1990 was estimated at 60 billion rubles, and the pollution of surface waters is 20 billion rubles. In addition, only 20 years used to 9 billion roubles for power production from Estonian oil shale.

Forced collectivization had destroyed agriculture and caused damage in the amount of 3 billion rubles, and the inefficient use of deposits of phosphate led to loss of 290 million rubles.

Also, writes the Commission in Estonia brought a lot of manpower, after which the proportion of Estonians in the ethnic composition of the country has decreased from 89% in 1941 to 61% in 1989.

It is noted that the victims of Stalinist repression were 49500 people, 24100 died during the Second world war and 139400 were forced to leave Estonia. The country has lost caves area and areas behind the Narva. The report States that human loss “can be considered genocide.”

Because of the occupation the standard of living in Estonia, experts say, “much lower standard of living in Finland, and the average life expectancy of 3.5 years less.”

At what rate were calculated damage in rubles and what it is valued in euros, the report stated.

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