Estriens and alcohol: moderate but delinquent drinkers

Estrians consume alcohol in a moderate way, but they are more delinquent than all Quebecois when it comes to driving after drinking.
They have a better relationship with alcohol than the average Quebecois, since they say they drink less and report fewer drinking problems.

However, the picture is not as good for drinking and driving. They admit to driving more with an alcohol concentration higher than the legal limit, their region being one of those where we see and where we pass through the least number of police blocks.

These are some highlights that emerge from the Estrie section of a survey done on the relationship of each of the regions of Quebec with alcohol conducted by CROP every two years on behalf of Éduc’alcool.

“Drinkers generally moderate and less problematic than the average, the Estriens are more likely than other Quebecers to drive while impaired,” laments Hubert Sacy, Executive Director of Éduc’alcool.

“In fact, there are fewer police roadblocks in Estrie than elsewhere in Quebec. Hat to consumers so, but yellow flag for drivers. It would be important to reinforce the presence of dams, as a loosening on this side leads to an increase in impaired driving. ”

The survey was conducted over the telephone and via the web with a large sample of 6732 interviews, including a minimum of 350 respondents per region, significantly reducing the regional margin of error. So it’s a reliable survey, says Sacy.

For example, 85% of people surveyed in Estrie said they had drunk alcohol in the past 12 months, exactly the same percentage as the rest of Quebec. Residents of Estrie, however, are significantly less likely to consider that their consumption has an impact on their family life (2% versus 6% in Quebec).

Estrians consume on average 1.8 times a week, which is just below the Quebec average (1.9). They are less likely to drink excessively and are in the Quebec average when it comes to respecting the recommended consumption limits. In fact, 50% say they have consumed excessively at least once in the past year (ie 55% in Quebec), while 34% say they have exceeded the recommended limits once a month or more often in the past year. The last, which is equal to the Quebec average.

Driving and alcohol

The Estriens are less numerous than the Quebec average who has seen or crossed a police roadblock on drinking and driving during the past year. Only 21% of them saw one (26% in Quebec) while 16% went through one (21% in Quebec).

Of the survey respondents, 58% said they drove after drinking alcohol within the allowable limit (i.e. 51% in Quebec), while 9% said they drove a vehicle after drinking beyond the allowable limit (i.e. 8% in Quebec).

According to Mr. Sacy, the authorities would benefit from holding more roadblocks against drunk driving, because the perception that we will not get behind the wheel after drinking is too strong in Estrie.

“This is not a blame we make to the police. But it is too common the feeling that we will not be caught if we are not used to seeing or passing through a roadblock, “he analyzes.

“If we have not seen a dam for five years, we will be more likely to take the risk of driving after drinking. ”

As for cannabis, there are more people in the area who smoke, but less than average to mix it with alcohol. The survey shows that 20% of residents of Estrie consume cannabis, compared to 18% in Quebec. In addition, 19% of these consumers (3.8% of the Estrie population) mix alcohol and cannabis, which is lower than the Quebec average (24%).

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