Eva Mendes explained why didn’t want to go to the movies

Ева Мендес рассказала, почему не хочет возвращаться в кино

Actress absorbed by motherhood.

The star of the movie “furious” was the main sex symbol of Hollywood for several years. However, in 2011, Eva Mendes married his colleague, and later became the proud mother of 2 kids. Since then, famous brunette rarely attends social events, but also refuses to filming movies. By the way, today’s popular American for the first time gave a Frank interview, sharing future plans for the future. It became known that the wife of Ryan Gosling does not plan to soon return on television screens. “I’m just obsessed with their kids. They are still very small, so I don’t want to leave them,” – said Eva Mendes, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to storinka.com.ua.

Also popular brunette added: “I don’t feel that I can strike a balance. I have to split myself into several parts in time to realize all plans. But the most important thing for each of us – support. Fortunately, I can boast of having family. Ryan and the kids try to support and inspire me.” However, the famous actress announced that they would try to fulfill themselves as a mother before returning to the profession. In this case the husband of American supports the decision of the beloved. By the way, Ryan Gosling continues to Shine on television. Not long ago, a father of 2 children was given the status of “the sexiest men of the world.”

It is worth noting that Eva Mendes to take care of the heirs. “They require special food and care. My kids still wear diapers, so I have to watch them clean every minute. But it is natural and normal, as it should be. After all, our children are still so small. I can’t abandon them when they most need me”, – said the Hollywood star. By the way, this is the first marriage for 44-year-old actress and her 37-year-old lover.

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