Ex-head of the Department of national police organized a scheme of illegal enrichment

Экс-начальник департамента Нацполиции организовал схемы незаконного обогащения

Police revealed in Kiev the former head of one of departments of the National police of Ukraine, implicated in the organisation of illicit enrichment (selling proprietary information). Subsequently, because of legalized funds this police Colonel was acquired in the capital of 9 apartments.

As reported on Wednesday, the Department of homeland security, the national police, Colonel together with associates for a long period for a cash reward provided confidential information and direct access to them debt collection offices, the network of banking institutions, and private enterprises.

It is established that 47-the summer Colonel of police, former head of Department in early 2018 retired and set up a scheme of illegal enrichment by systematic unlawful interference in the operation of the automated systems of the Ministry of interior and national police and illegal use of restricted information.

He drew his criminal plans experts among the staff of the national police involved in maintenance of automated departmental databases. His associates gave the opportunity to other members of the group – former colleagues – to carry out remote unauthorized intervention in the service system with the aim of obtaining confidential information about Ukrainian citizens in favor of the representatives of commercial organizations for a reward.

Customers and illegal users of official information was the security and staff collection offices, large private enterprises, banking institutions or any solvent.

To cover the organizer of the group opened a fictitious private enterprise in the provision of telecommunications services. His former subordinate, an active member of the national police, established at the place of residence “call center” like the call center “102”, through which “customers” around the clock by telephone has received data.

The report stated that purchased for illegally obtained funds apartments in Kiev Colonel rents. And some of them were bought before his retirement, that is, the leak of confidential information was carried out during the service in the organs.

“…58 carried out the authorized searches in a residence of defendants, in the offices of police officers, employees of banks, enterprises and offices. Seized a variety of office equipment, server, mobile phones, copies of documents, drafts, documents, ammunition and funds in national and foreign currency”, – informs the Department of internal security of Ukraine.

After receiving another cash reward for the information, arrested a co-organizer of the group. Also on the basis of article 208 criminal procedure code of Ukraine detained the three main accused, including former head of the Department of national police.

Investigators of the head investigative Department is preparing the announcement of suspicion to the six participants in organized crime under part 3 of article 28 (Commission of crime by group of persons, group of persons by prior conspiracy, an organized group or a criminal organization), part 2 of article 361 (unauthorized intervention in work elektronno-computers (computers), automated systems, computer networks or telecommunication networks) and part 2 of article 361-2 (unauthorized distribution or dissemination of restricted information, which is stored in electronic computers (computers), automated systems, computer networks or carriers of such information) The criminal code of Ukraine, reports “Bagnet”.