Ex-husband of Britney Spears again demanding money from her

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

Former husband of Britney Spears Kevin Federline was not going to leave her alone and again requires money for the maintenance of their children: 12-year-old Shauna and 11-year-old Jayden, who by the court to live with him (star only seen them a few times a week and sometimes leaves for the night).

As stated by his attorney, Federline deserves at least three times more than the amount of child support he now pays singer, and he will do anything to get his client the money received.

We gave them (lawyers Britney Spears. — Approx. ed.) enough time, so they decided to increase the amount of child support, but they came back with a completely irrational response. They don’t want to give financial information to Britney, including tax returns, as required by the Family code of California. And this is not some California code celebrity, and she’ll have to obey him. But we remain open to resolve this issue without judicial intervention,

the lawyer said Federlajna mark Vincent Kaplan.

Kevin Federline

We will remind, the conflict between the former spouses has flared after a 40-year-old Federline first demanded that the 36-year-old Spears to increase the monthly payments of 20 thousand dollars. His salary as a DJ now is only 3 thousand dollars a month that, according to his information, is less than one percent of the annual income of the Spears. However, he claims he needs the money not on a whim, and in order that nothing to deny them with Spears ‘ sons.

Kevin asks about a reasonable amount to meet the needs of children. This amount must be at least three times more than what he gets

— said Kaplan.

And Federline gets now, by the way, and so the amount is quite considerable — monthly Spears pays him 20 thousand dollars. So that Britney will agree to his demands, hard to believe.

Britney Spears with kids

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