Ex-husband of the daughter of Putin married again (photo)

Бывший муж дочери Путина снова женился (фото)

According to Russian and British media, the former husband alleged the younger daughter of Vladimir Putin Catherine Tikhonova (the Kremlin has not officially confirmed their relationship, but the press never doubts it) got married again. “Open media” discovered the first official confirmation of divorce Kirill Shamalov and Catherine Tikhonova. Messages about it appeared in Western publications in January of this year. And almost immediately it became known that Shamalov meets socialite Zhanna Volkova, residing in London. Is it the businessman, and went to the end down the aisle a second time.

The fact that Volkov became the wife of 36-year-old Nearby, comes from the data that appeared on the portal of world judges of Moscow. 32-year-old Joan has submitted the claim about collecting of the alimony on the maintenance of minor children to the former husband, Sergei Volkov, a former official of the Moscow city hall. In the card business name the plaintiff in this case is designated as “Shamalova (Volkov)”.

Бывший муж дочери Путина снова женился (фото)

Jeanne and Cyril

Бывший муж дочери Путина снова женился (фото)

Katerina Tikhonova was fond of acrobatic rock-n-roll

Бывший муж дочери Путина снова женился (фото)

Jeanne and Katherine

Shamalov according to 2018 is the youngest dollar billionaire in Russia.

The businessman also in March this year took the first place of top 10 Russian billionaires with the highest income according to Forbes. The journal notes that, unlike traditional rating of the richest businessmen of Russia in this list took into account only “real” money that was received from the sale of assets or in the form of dividends.

Cyril is the youngest son of Putin’s friend Nikolai Shamalov — the co-owner of Bank “Russia”. On Katerina Tikhonova he married in February 2013.

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