Exercise can prevent or even cure cancer

Упражнения могут предотвратить или даже вылечить рак

Regular exercise can help people not only to live longer after cancer, but to prevent it, says a researcher from the University of Pennsylvania.

Professor Catherine Schmitz (Kathryn Schmitz) said that they have already collected a sufficient base of evidence that regular load not only save you from heart disease, but also prevent cancer. She notes that physical activity can even be a cure for cancer.

Schmitz is the leader of international efforts to raise awareness about the benefits of exercise for people who are treated for cancer and those who are trying to avoid relapse.

The researchers say that exercise can reduce the risk of colon cancer, breast cancer, endometrium, kidney, bladder, esophagus and stomach. Exercise during and after cancer treatment can reduce fatigue, anxiety, depression, improve physical condition and quality of life. Now doctors can prescribe specific exercise regimens for cancer patients depending on their condition and abilities as part of the overall therapy.

The authors recommend 30 minutes of moderately intense aerobic exercise three times a week or 20-30 minutes of exercise with weights two times a week.