Exhausted migrants from abandoned ship will make a three-day trip to Spain

Измученные мигранты с брошенного судна совершат трехдневное путешествие в Испанию

Search-and-rescue ship who are “stuck” in the Mediterranean sea from Sunday, began their long journey to Spain on Tuesday evening after more than 500 migrants rescued by the coast guard of Italy.According to the organization for aid SOS Méditerranée, 250 people were transferred to the Orion, a ship of the Italian Navy, and 274 on the coast guard ship Dattilo, reports the Chronicle.info.

Aquarius, who previously “stuck” between Malta and the Italian island of Sicily, now has a total of 106 people on Board.

This step was part of a plan by the Italian Maritime rescue coordination centre for the transfer 630 of migrants into two smaller vessels, to ease the pressure on crowded Aquarius.

All three vessels will now go to Valencia, Spain after the Spanish government on Monday agreed to accept migrants who were rescued over the weekend.

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