Experience edition SPLETNIK.RU: workout instead of lunch — stretching in the office

Lately there are more marathons on the stretching and development of the twine, open specialized Studio stretching and flexible the wearer network proudly lay out in Instagram your photo in splits a La Anastasia. Our editorial staff also decided to follow the trend and we were interested in it training in the office. We invited coach and under his leadership, within a month was engaged in the stretch. What is special about stretching, what it is and what’s its use? To help understand these questions helped us service for choosing a personal trainer Formatfit.

It is no secret that stretching is especially useful for those who spend the day sitting at the computer. From a sedentary lifestyle muscles lose their elasticity and deteriorate their General condition. We, the editors decided to start to act (and collectively). A month twice a week we came to the coach from Formatfit Ia Guramishvili, and we are engaged not in the hall and not outside in the Park, and the usual war room (and Yes, it’s real!).

Ia Guramishvili, certified trainer-universal in the following areas: power and functional training, stretching, Pilates

Most people who work in the office, sitting in the position of a question mark: shoulders and head lowered. This has a direct effect on posture. As soon as we stretch the back, we immediately starts to straighten up posture. The blood enters the brain, head works better, respectively, increases efficiency.

And now let’s move from theory to practice. Editors SPLETNIK.RU share experiences and results from stretching in the office.

Hope Reschetnikova, editor of “Fashion” (31)

Stretching in my life, of course. Distant and hazy memory over time dance school in childhood. Now, to be honest, sports in my life and very little special preparation before the course I was not. Also for HLS was swept by a powerful wave that washed away many friends in the abyss of lactose-free milk and smoothies made with quinoa — I resisted. But try to add yourself to a life of physical activity, and even in the middle of the day seemed to be a very interesting experiment. Besides, aching back, and then promised that exercises aimed at strengthening the spine.

Personally, I format in the office seemed very comfortable and effective even from the point of view of time management: find half an hour among the workers of the business has turned out much easier than the motivation to go to the gym in the evening or, God forbid, on the weekend! In addition, after the lesson, feel a lot fitter, and work, too, as it’s productive. This, incidentally, is the explanation: as told by the trainer, exercises help to relax the shoulder Department and improve the flow of blood to the head.

Of course, it would be cool if the office was a separate room for classes that you can enjoy. We have been in the war room, and there were some cramped, but the coach was clearly visible only from the “first row” — other positions sometimes had to be repeated not so much for the teacher as for colleagues.

Before the course the girls are still worried about the lack of shower facilities, but in practice I have not noticed that it has become a problem. Yes, stretching is painful and requires effort, but seven pots you goes.

Now about the results. To cross the twine, of course, far, but by the end of the course the forehead and knee, finally was found. And most importantly, with your back feel better — I especially noticed this during the month: early lower back these days just broke, this time the pain almost disappeared. In addition, I began to pay more attention to your posture — now go and constantly remind yourself to straighten your shoulders.

Lisa Sazonova, editor (31)

I regularly go to yoga, sometimes stretching, so some basic things I have no problems. The problem is that I want to improve in this area, but you need to constantly do, and I, alas, do not. Every six months I spontaneously included in such a regime, and the results are excellent, but usually this all ends. The point is that the possibility of systematic lessons (twice a week) right in the office made me very happy.

Every lesson was different, as the coach alternated exercises on different muscle groups: first, so pumped all over the body, and secondly, it was not boring. After the first class I came out like a new person: a couple of days before the party in a fit of madness I famously stood on a bridge on the dance floor (several times), what was happily forgotten the next day, if not break apart the loins. I thought to stretch me with my pain will only get worse, but it turned out exactly the opposite — after I almost flew again and was ready to embark on the ill-fated bridge.

By the end of the month, the body is really pumped and I bent already to almost anything. But the most useful was the fact that after such training, in office work much easier.

Elizabeth Konstantinova, editor of “Beauty” (26 years)

I have fresh, vivid memories of how in my childhood I went to lessons in gymnastics, like me, a little five year old girl desperately tried to land on the string. To no avail. However, attempt number two after 20 years, we can say, successful. Fitness is in my life with alternate success: I participate in races regularly go to dance and look in the room. A stiff “tree” is never believed, but Margarita Mamun of course, I also will not name.

Invite a coach to us, the editors immediately seemed like a great idea. Crawl to the Studio, stretching in the evening sometimes there is no strength, and then you can engage right at lunchtime. Each session lasted half an hour, during which, not surprisingly, we were able to perform exercises for all major muscle groups: pulling legs, back and arms.

I believe that you need to squeeze the most out of each lesson, so not freebies and always asked the coach to spare me and release it only when you double-tap on the carpet (as in Boxing in a sign of surrender). Yes, at times it was quite painful and unpleasant, but the result was worth it. Three weeks later the right leg was stretched so much that the twine was just a couple of inches. From our makeshift hall after each session, I came out in high spirits, evaporated not only the experience but also any tension in the muscles of the back and neck. The lack of special equipment for stretch marks did not bother me (the mats that we were given), the most important thing is an experienced coach, and not where you do.



When is it best to stretch: before, after, or during exercise, do weight loss such classes and how fast you can do the splits. To these and other questions answered Ia Guramishvili.

How to stretch: static or dynamic?

The ideal option is to combine. In the beginning it is better to stretch dynamically (via a spring). All the traction to do on the exhale, each time trying to sink lower and lower. And in the end maximum amplitude should try to fall down and stay in this position. First 15 seconds, during the next exercise for 20 seconds and so on.

— When is it best to stretch: before, after or during a workout?

If we’re talking about fitness, then after a workout because the muscles are warmed up. Please note that after heavy workouts should definitely stretch the muscles. If you are doing only stretching, then you first need to have to do something to warm up, then the muscles will stretch more effectively. I’m sure various warm-up suits and other gadgets don’t work. The best warm-up is 10-15 minutes of exercise (stationary bike, running, aerobics, dancing).

— How fast can you sit on the splits?

Of course, all individually, in most cases for a month quietly, devoting ten minutes each day. At least three times a week. However, to reach moderately need, there’s nowhere to hurry, give your body time to recover. I got the splits in a month, classes helped the Thai Boxing coach. If you have stretched since childhood, was engaged in gymnastics, for example, in adulthood will be much easier to do the splits. After all, there are muscle memory.

However, if you long to do, we have to make great efforts. The main rule here is do no harm. All movements need to be performed very carefully, if you feel unbearable pain, you should immediately stop. There are people who, because of genetic characteristics is not very flexible. Also it cannot be excluded that because of the structure of the joints, usually the hip, some limited range of motion. Such people have a poorly developed so-called turnout of the hip. In particular, it does not allow them to fully sit on the cross (straight) twine.

— It is said that stretching may not be pleasant, all through the pain, I agree with this statement?

Yes, alas, the muscles and ligaments are stretching only through pain. Just for some it’s a pleasant pain. During stretches not to make any sudden movements so as not to get injured. Need to be stretched smoothly, static.

— You can do the splits, by application, for example, or better to do it under the supervision of a professional?

It is advisable to deal with the coach, with it less risk of injury. People may not know some of the nuances and make yourself uncomfortable or tear ligaments. If no opportunity to deal with the coach, it is better to take a few lessons, he’s all show and tell, and then only these movements.

Better to drag one or a pair?

I’m for the second option. Because the person will not be able to fall so low, rather than when someone with power stretch.

— Is it true that the splits easier to get women, but cross comes easier to men?

However, because women have a wider pelvis and organs of the lower abdomen a few omitted, therefore they interfere.

Men it is easier because the pelvis is already. However, before you begin stretching, it is necessary to exclude the presence of a few contraindications, which include: hernia and protrusion of the spine; hamstring tendon and inguinal ligament; spinal injury; the course of inflammatory processes in the musculoskeletal system; uterine prolapse.

— Stretching helps to lose weight?

Many girls are stretching in the hope to lose weight. Yes, in theory, any active stretching is physical exercise, especially if you stretch in the morning, accelerates metabolism, thus triggering the metabolism. Cells will highlight in chemical neurotransmitters that affect the activity of the “fat depots”. But high hopes on stretching, especially if it is not active and you do not often, not worth it. And Yes, due to stretching cannot be pump up tight buns or abs of steel.

The American Council on physical exercise is not in vain called the development of flexibility an important element in a total fitness program. During stretching not only improves physical health but also his health. Importantly, the training was comfortable and safe. Listen to your body and remember that twine is the main thing — health.

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