Expert: if an asteroid falls into the ocean, the consequences will be much worse

Эксперт: если астероид упадет в океан, последствия будут гораздо страшнее

A famous scientist warned that the fall of a large asteroid in the Atlantic ocean will lead to much more damage and casualties than it seems. The expert described what would happen to coastal areas if a massive asteroid will crash into the Atlantic waters.

Cosmochimica Natalie Starkey (Starkey Natalie) urged to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the Earth from potentially dangerous asteroids. “If in the future we will not be able to protect the planet from space threats, we can expect that a large asteroid or comet impact would cause chaos and lead to serious global changes and the large number of deaths,” notes Starkey.

Since 70% of Earth is covered by water, there is a strong likelihood that the impact of the asteroid will occur in the ocean and not on land. Starkey says that the effect of the asteroid impact in the ocean can be compared to a pebble that causes ripples when it enters the pond. In scenario a real impact mega-tsunami will act as a ruffle and destroy all coastal areas.

According to Starkey, the asteroid impacts on land may be different. Instead of a ripple or a tsunami shock wave from the explosion will come from the epicenter, destroying and burning everything in its path. However, the drop in the ocean by the force of the impact could be much worse, because the force of the blow will create more natural disasters that can destroy all the settlements on the shores of the continents. Island communities can all be wiped off the face of the earth.