Experts have called the most unfavorable cars for resale

Специалисты назвали самые невыгодные авто для перепродажи

Named the car prone to total the depreciation of theExperts analyzed the dynamics of prices for used cars called models that depreciate rapidly, writes the with reference to Avtodream

The study involved vehicles of age more than five years. The predictions fall in the value obtained using the software training is based on the data of the array of ads to sell cars with the prediction of falling prices on the basis of age, mileage and many other parameters.

The most disadvantageous for resale was machine G80 Korean brand Genesis over the year, the model loses, on average, 54% of the original value. The second tail was the Mercedes-Benz V-Class (- 39%) and on third place is the Subaru Outback and Mercedes-Benz C-Class (- 38%). Among the particularly unfavorable for resale experts attributed the British Land Rover Range Rover, loses for the first year of 37%.

On top of the ranking by the public sector Nissan Almera – this model offered on the secondary market a year after purchase, at a price that is only 12% different from original cost. Followed by the Hyundai ix35, Renault Megane and Mitsubishi Lancer (- 13%). Closes the list of leaders Chevrolet Spark (- 14%).

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