Experts have made a rating of the modern electric vehicles

Эксперты составили рейтинг современных электромобилей

These models of electric cars of 2018 received the highest rating.

Every year the world is becoming more and more electric cars. In 2019 the new electric cars released by Audi, Hyundai, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo. In the meantime, experts have compiled the TOP 5 best electric cars this year, reports the with reference for car Enthusiasts.

Tesla Model 3 (75 thousand dollars)mid-size electrostan Tesla Model 3 in version over 75 thousand dollars on the 1st battery charge goes about 540 kilometers. Acceleration to “hundreds” takes only 2.5 s. It’s the most expensive modification of the Model 3 sedan. It is already a couple years old, but still very popular

Tesla Model 3 (50 thousand USD)the Tesla Model 3 in version for 50 thousand dollars to “hundreds” accelerates in 3.5 s, which is not able to do some sports car. Its top speed reaches 250 km per hour. On the 1st battery charge this version of the machine passing around 480 kilometers. In the basic version of sedan is 35 thousand dollars.

The Chevrolet Bolt EVChevrolet Bolt EV appeared in 2016. In the design of this electric hatchback is something of a crossover. However, it’s still a hatchback with its practicality. It is equipped with one generating set with output power of 200 “horses”. On the 1st charge it goes about 380 miles. It is enough for everyday travel and for travel outside the city.

Nissan LeafElectric car Nissan Leaf is a pioneer among electric cars. Its first generation was launched in 2010 a 2nd version, which is sold as a car in 2018, has increased in 50проц. the reserve system ProPILOT Assist, the latest security systems. On the 1st battery charge Leaf passing more than 240 kilometers.See also: the most popular electric car in Europe

Hyundai Ioniq ElectricCompact hatch on electric Hyundai Ioniq Electric is a good car for everyday trips around town. The force of impact of the power plant is 118 “horses”. Of course, it’s not the fastest electric car, but great torque. Ioniq Electric has an attractive style and a spacious interior.

In the basic configuration, many different useful equipment, and as a function of available automatic emergency braking, monitoring blind spot, retaining strips, etc.

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