Experts suggested how the “shoed” a car for winter

Эксперты подсказали, как правильно "переобуть" авто к зиме

It’s time to change the car. Well, now just continue to pull with the tire change, it is impossible: in the coming days, forecasters give a light frost, cold rain and cloudy sky, reports the with reference to 24ТВ.

To campaign for an urgent visit on the tire today, it makes no sense – warm autumn we finally performed on the pools of ice on the thermometer +20 is 30 s. So you load the tires in the trunk or call in your ”tyre hotel” – and go to change tires. But first, please note our short advice.

1. Not change one’s shoes anywhere. The seasonal peak of the works the tyre is often in a hurry, making mistakes or deliberate omissions. Careless or inept wizard can easily damage tyres and wheels and the car itself.

Hurrying to serve all customers in peak changing shoes, master tire often make mistakes and hurt the wheels or the car. Choose a service with high work culture.

For example, knocking down the paint, breaking the cap or tearing the threads in the hub or brake drum. So head is not just a beautiful shop, but where more likely to receive compensation for the damages. Even have to defend a great place.

2. New budget rubber worn better brand. Winter tires for it first. Therefore, if you do not now have the opportunity to buy premium winter tires, which you used to take will in a fist and buy a more affordable model.

On worn-out tires – even if it is winter the car is worse than holding on to the road, often goes into a skid – and even flies off the road.

It’s better than to stay with pozaproshlogodnie kit, worn down to the limit of 1.6 mm. moreover, among the available models, “winter” is more than worthy of the product – you only need to read the independent tests in specialized publications.

3. Get a second set of disks to winter tires you always kept ready wheels. This will give you more independence in matters of changing shoes. First, you are able to change the wheel just before the coming of bad weather, not adjusting to the work schedule of the tires and not suffering in long queues.

For winter tires you can buy discs cheaper, and the tyres themselves – spanning more high-profile for greater clearance and disk protection.

Second, in another season you will have the opportunity to safely inspect the shot with the car wheels: balance, tint, wheels, patch up punctures, to release the protector from stuck stones, nails and other things. For many of these things there is no time when you change just the rubber with the onset of the season, and behind masters customize the impatient queue.

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