Experts told about the dangers of marinated kebab

Специалисты рассказали о вреде маринованного шашлыка

Experienced professionals spoke about the dangers of this product.

Ukrainians often choose camping with a traditional barbecue. Therefore, to prevent physicians need to be especially careful. In the heat of the meat spoils quickly and can cause acute intestinal infections.

The correspondent of TV channel “Ukraine” Alexey Falin learned how to select meat and safely buy already pickled shish kebab.

Sales Manager Yuri says: meat should be taken only in stores or from sellers that you trust. Pork should be pink, the other color indicates that the meat is old. And the jury refuted the idea that buying already marinated pieces – bad idea.

You can only trust the shelf life, to be honest. Today, the supplier bears full responsibility for what it produces. We can also pay attention to the color.”

Специалисты рассказали о вреде маринованного шашлыка

Willing to take holidays and chicken kebab. But pay attention – the drumsticks and wings are sold separately from the pork. If you choose chicken in a vacuum – look inside to see there was no air. So the meat does not ferment.

Buy several samples of semi-finished kebab. And they’re the expert in food technology. The first set in a vacuum pack.

“When so much spice, it is usually said that us wanted to hide something”.

In other datasets, we find meat from different parts of the carcass. It’s not bad, but fried the pieces are for a different time. So, there is a risk to either raw or burnt dish.

“Well what color streaks in the meat are white, and not gray, not yellow. It still says that the meat is fresh,” says Elena Sidorenko.

Two of the three sets, the expert was found satisfactory. But lovers of real barbecue is advised to marinate the meat myself. It’s longer, but better.

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