Experts told how to properly care for the car on vacation

Эксперты рассказали, как правильно ухаживать за авто в отпуске

A vacation is not only a vacation for the whole family, it is also a new, unusual load for your vehicle. Vacation in the heat of the moment Yes, on unfamiliar roads easy to hurt the car, reports the with reference to

Going on holiday with your car, we usually use it in the wrong mode, in which it is operated daily. And driving in unusual conditions can lead to some driving mistakes that can leave a very bad memory.

One of the most important driving skills – the ability to balance the seriousness of the obstacles with the capabilities of the car.

First and foremost, we are talking about car loading, in addition, often we rest in new and unusual terrain – in the mountains, in the forest, in big cities old buildings – that is where the driver and car needs a specific return. Traveling in such places, do not forget that the car can be difficult, too.

Download. Vacation trip is not only possible overload of the machine, sometimes it’s just an unusual cargo on Board. On the behavior of the machine is affected by the extremely busy staff a trunk full roof rack, pinned boats, etc.

Put all the heavy stuff in the trunk is undesirable because it may relieve the driven front wheel. Its maximum load is specified in the factory manual

Uploaded “eyeballs”, the not so willingly helm, leaning in corners, otherwise slow and sluggish to accelerate. To be prepared for unusual manifestations, it makes sense at the beginning of the trip to find a site (e.g., Parking a large supermarket) and try loaded the car in the case: to make a few vigorous turns, braking and acceleration.

The roof rack raises the center of gravity of the car, and such goods as bicycles, can fall to one side or the entire to fly in an emergency maneuver.

Also keep in mind that the loaded vehicles are usually reduced clearance (with the exception of premium vehicles with adjustable suspension) and it decreases the “cross” on the broken roads.

Way. If you live in a safe area of a big city, for you can be confusing driving on the road with lots of holes and waves. Many modern cars, however, allow the driver to ignore even dangerous potholes and go over them pretty quickly. It might last a little longer, until the first failure of the asphalt with sharp edges which will be cut by the tire or damaged suspension. So if see on the road holes, reduce speed and try to overtake or overcome with maximum caution.

– The power unit. If holiday route runs through a mountainous area, the driver of habit may “twist” the engine, or Vice versa, load it with excessively low revs. And it can affect the engine, fuel consumption and oil. So on the long climbs and descents it is necessary to monitor the tachometer, the time by changing gears and keeping the engine revs in the range 2000 – 4000 rpm./min. (there are engines for which these figures are slightly different – look in your manual).

Mountain roads require the driver of a particular discipline, they load the car more than others.

Mountains represent some complexity for automatic transmissions. Yeah, they usually managed pretty smart with electronics, but there are models-the exception that on heavy lifts switch up earlier than necessary. In this case, you need to go into manual mode and to choose the right gear so that the engine spun in the above range.

– Liquids. On a long trip in the summer heat, especially in the mountains, is more often than usual to control the levels of oil and coolant in the motor – in such circumstances, consumption can grow big.

– Brake. Downhill inexperienced driver is easy to overheat the brakes. In addition to accelerated wear of brake pads and disks, this can result in boiling of the working fluid and brake failure. So downhill you need to slow down first of all the engine and brake system to use for accurate dosage of deceleration and final stop.

– The fuel. Be choosy when choosing a gas station in an unfamiliar area – cases where it on vacation car refuel with something substandard, causing spark failure or power system abound. Best choice – a network of filling stations under an established brand.

If the machine is going to keep in an open area, it would be good to prepare a light tent or a frame construction like tent

– The heat. Try to find a way not to leave the car for a long time in the bright sun. Especially if you have a new car, but still veiled. Have inexpensive cars in the southern sun fade the paint and shades of Svetlakov, rubber gets old, warped plastic trim in the cabin.

Sol. It is undesirable to wet the car with sea water, especially if you are going to own this car for many years, salt will certainly fall in the cracks of the body and micro-cracks in the paintwork and will eventually start the corrosion processes. Therefore it is better not to put the car where you will reach the sea spray.

In principle, for an experienced driver in our councils won’t be a revolutionary discovery. But to remind you about the features, selling travel costs though, because we go to them not so often. And cars most of us change even more rarely, so they should be protected.

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