Experts: U.S. has no official language

Experts: U.S. has no official language

Author: Paul Cote

In General, scientists were surprised that a person with a law degree does not know such a simple thing. Photo: flickr/cc/shyald/

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Sensational story, in the midst of which was a lawyer from the Big Apple Aaron Schlossberg, continues to haunt the society. This time to protect everything Fresh Kitchen expressed by experts of several educational institutions.

Among them a specialist from Purdue University and Junior researcher of the Center for applied linguistics. The experts pointed out the falsity of the claims of the advocate to the employees of the café, noting that the USA have no official language. For this reason, Schlossberg was wrong, claiming that people in America are required to speak only in English. Scientists were surprised that a person with legal training, are not familiar with this fact.

Dr. Wayne Ryan, Professor of language at Purdue University, notes that none of the articles of the U.S. Constitution, and none of the Federal laws, does not include the English language the official status. Accordingly, the claims of the Schlossberg is absolutely unfounded, the scientist believes.

The founding fathers did not see the need for such a law. English at that time was the dominant language in the United States, so protecting it just wasn’t necessary“, — commented on the situation with languages Ryan.

Эксперты: в США нет официального языка

The founding fathers saw no need to give English official status. Photo: flickr/CC/wallyg/

However, many people in those days, was fluent in other languages. Among them were French, Dutch and German. In addition to this, many indigenous tribes spoke their dialect. All this indicates that for most of the history of the United States is a multilingual country.

Dr. Beatriz arias, working in the Center for applied linguistics, agrees with his colleague from Purdue University and sure no problems with the language in the USA. According to her, no one doubts that de facto English is the recognized language of America. It is used when filling out business documents, contracts and announcement of public notice. However, legally this moment is not fixed.

Beatriz arias also noted that in US history there were at least two attempts to establish English as the official language. The first occasion was in 1981, when Senator S. I. Hayakawa proposed amendment to the Constitution. A second attempt was made in 2006. In both cases, the proposals were rejected by the government.

Эксперты: в США нет официального языка

In our days only Arizona follows the law requiring conduct educational programs in most schools in English only. Photo: flickr/CC/pagedooley/

At the same time, despite the failure of this idea at the national level, these bills during different periods received support at the state level. Over the last 20 years in California, Arizona and Massachusetts have passed laws that exclude multi-languages in most educational institutions and mandatory to use only English. In 2016, this decision was overturned in California, and in 2017 refused it and Massachusetts.

At the moment, only Arizona continues to follow this law, which, according to experts, is discrimination against people who speak other languages.

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