Explosion at Rock Forest: 31 year old man from Fleurimont passed away

We now know the identity of the man who died during the mysterious explosion that occurred at the end of the week in the Rock Forest sector in Sherbrooke.

I am talking about Michael Hardy, 31, a resident of the Fleurimont sector.

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It should be remembered that an explosive device caused, at 6 pm Saturday evening, on Louis-Cayer Road, near the intersection with Chemin St-Roch Nord.

The investigation determined that the explosive device was in the trunk of the vehicle, said Aur?lie Guindon, spokesman of the S?ret? du Qu?bec (SQ), which is responsible for the investigation.

There was explosion when handling the craft, which caused the death of the man.

Another person was involved in this case. The man had been arrested by police officers from the Sherbrooke Police Service in the following moments, while he was close to the scene.

“The latter was released after interrogation. There is no indication at this point that he would be directly involved in the death of the victim, “says Guindon.

“He will appear later in connection with a search carried out at his home where weapons were seized.”

The investigation, entrusted to the Major Crime Division, is still ongoing, she says.

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