Exposed the theft of gasoline on the railway

Разоблачили воровство бензина на железной дороге

Employees of SBU and the National police exposed a scheme of plunder of petroleum products to the subsidiary at a railway station in Kharkiv region.

The press service of GU NP in the Kharkiv region reported that the main suspect is a 40-year-old resident of Balakleya area. According to investigators, he organized the mechanism of the theft of light oil products from rail tank cars Shebelynka Department for gas condensate processing and oil.

The suspect drew more accomplices, including the staff of the station who indicated, in which the tank is what type of petroleum products: gasoline, diesel fuel or gas condensate, and provided the location of the tanks on concrete ways for the time needed for the theft.

Other members of the group in the night with the help of special equipment have opened the tank and poured the oil in the cars, specially equipped tanks. The suspects committed theft two or three times a week, each time stealing almost 2 tons of fuel.

On 9 February, the police detained members of the group in the attempted abduction from the tank 7 tons of gas condensate worth more than 100 thousand hryvnia.

During a series of searches in the place of residence of the members of the group law enforcement authorities seized a large quantity of physical evidence: the oil, specially equipped vehicles, flexible pipelines, as well as money obtained from illegal activities.

Investigative actions were carried out in the framework of criminal proceedings under part 3 of article 185 of the Criminal code of Ukraine, but his plan to toughen up to part 5 of article 185 of the criminal code, as the crime was committed by an organized group.